The first engineer evicted is…

Edgars Kelmers

The students have spoken. Edgars will still be able to answer questions and take part in live chats, but can’t win that prize money of £500.

Leave your messages for Edgars in the comments for this post!

There will be a new engineer being evicted each day this week, so make sure to VOTE every day for your favourite and keep them in the competition.

Posted on June 18, 2019 by ModShane in News. 4 Comments.

4 Responses to The first engineer evicted is…

  1. ejaynsugbe says:

    Edgar-please don’t feel too down about this, you still are a valuable member of the group and we would all be grateful if you could still share your thoughts and opinion on various questions which the school kids have.
    Let’s all keep working together and inspire an upcoming wave of Engineers. 🙂

  2. samgaughan says:

    Yes, keep up the good work, everyone’s insight is invaluable 🙂

  3. toniatzemanaki says:

    Good luck with the PhD and I hope to keep seeing you in the chats

  4. charnettchau says:

    Keep up the good work! Haven’t spoken with you much but nice going through this with you!

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